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Dr. Rick Brinkman
ISBN # : 9780071463331
Publisher: McGraw Hill
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Learn how to disarm problem people, find common ground, and turn conflict into cooperation

-In the last decade, technology has spawned a whole new breed of annoyances. From cell-phone chatters to email spammers to voice-mail hogs, life is now increasingly filled with even more difficult people. -At best, such people make life stressful and unpleasant. At worst, they can keep you from achieving important goals. But it's fully within your power to bring out the best behavior in people who are at their worst. The proven, innovative approach in Dealing with Difficult People will help you to: -Identify 10 bothersome behaviors and deal successfully with each of them Understand why people become difficult Use sophisticated techniques to neutralise whining, negativity, attacks, tantrums and more Cultivate the nine "take-charge" skills that prevent people from becoming difficult

There's no reason to let unpleasant people get in the way of your performance in the workplace or in your life. With the help of these effective approaches to understanding and circumventing disruptive and annoying behavior, you can overcome the obstacles posed by difficult people in every phase of your life.

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