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Wendy Northcutt
ISBN # : 9780452283442
Publisher: Plume
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"Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe." -Albert Einstein, scientific advisor to the Darwin Awards, introduces the legendary website that commemorates the remains of people who have improved our gene pool by killing themselves in really stupid ways, showing us just how uncommon common sense can be.

Meet the absentminded terrorist who opens a mail bomb returned to him for insufficient postage. Marvel at the thief who steals electrical wires without shutting off the current. Gape at the would-be pilot who flies his lawnchair suspended from helium balloons into air traffic lanes. And learn from the man who peers into a gasoline can using a cigarette lighter. All four contend for Darwin Awards when their choices culminate in magnificent misadventures.

These tales of trial and awe-inspiring error--verified by the author and endorsed by website readers--illustrate the ongoing saga of survival of the fittest in all its selective glory. Including new material never before seen, as well as favorite award winners from years past, The Darwin Awards vividly portrays the finest examples of evolution in action.

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