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Satyajit Ray
ISBN # : 9780140156386
Publisher: Penguin Press HC
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A lot has been said and written about Mr Satyajit Ray's books being influenced by the Sherlock Holmes series. But personally I think and feel that the Feluda series is in no way influenced by Sherlock holmes rather the readers of the feluda series will agree that in certain stories like THE ROYAL BENGAL MYSTERY , THE LOCKED CHEST & THE HOUSE OF DEATH have a certain captivating power abot themselves , which is above par from certain Sherlock Holmes stories .Sherlock Holmes has an aura about it self which keeps a reader glued to the book , this quality is also found abundantly in the entire Feluda series. There is an Indianess about the book, due to which each and every Indian will feel all the more involved wiht the book and finally , this book is not only for young and teenaged readers ,it is a book which can grab and captivate anyone and everyone between the age group of 9 to 90.Each and every story in this series was a classic .So much is the magic about the book that one wishes that Satyajit Ray had written not less than a thousand stories on his immortal character Feluda. Grab the series now and get reading

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