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Paul Elliott
ISBN # : 9780713725315
Publisher: Black Swan
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This book examines and describes some of the world's most significant arcane cults which have been, throughout history, associated with atrocities which have often involved the use of magic, mysticism and secrecy. Terror and violence became their unmistakable hallmark. Each of More...these secret groups is looked at separately, enabling direct comparisons to be made between them. Uniting them all was a common philosophy of extreme violence and murder. There have been few periods in history, few civilizations or regions of the world that have not seen the rise of some obscure and close-knit cult. This book focuses primarily on the ancient and medieval worlds, and illustrates how the fanatical cult members often mirrored the world they inhabited, and how the establishment reacted to - and eventually destroyed - these organizations. Wherever and whenever they flourished, these warrior cults had their own strict codes and rituals, and today they provide a fascinating and disturbing insight into the perennial desire to unite for a single purpose. When combined with murderous and bloodthirsty compulsions, these groups become feared and reviled. In the modern world, with its equivalent proliferation of religious, political and criminal sects and organizations, Warrior Cults is a timely and intriguing source of reference and comparison.

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